Thursday, January 31, 2008

Affordable Quality Business Cards in Belgium

I found it difficult to locate a supplier of affordable but professional business cards in Belgium, especially as I live in a small town. The local shop charges a minimum of 125€ yet I only wanted a small quantity at low cost.

I was therefore delighted to find Print 24 who offer a choice of designs, colours and font sizes with a great offer of 250 colour business cards for FREE with just 7.95 € postage and packing. They have lots of designs and colourways to choose from.

If you want to order some cards, just visit Print 24

250 Business cards FOR FREE*

They also print letterheads, comp slips, flyers, postcards etc.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brussels Airlines Offer Cool Fares to Hot Destinations

Brussels Airlines are offering some Cool fares to hot destinations:

Malaga from €49,99
Bilbao from €49,99
Nice from €29,99
Rome from €49,99

* When to fly? Between 17 April 2008 and 31 August 2008
* When to book? Thursday 31 January, 6pm till midnight
* Privilege: earn miles with every flight you book

Book Cool fares to hot destinations

/b.light economy/: A new generation of great flights at low prices -
/b.flex economy+/: The new economy generation: flexible, time-friendly European travel with Brussels Airlines

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dover to Calais Ferry Offer

P&O Ferries have a fantastic offer for ferry travellers.

From 10am on Friday 25th January to midnight on Monday 28th January, tickets will be available to buy on the Dover - Calais route for just £25 each way and the tickets are available for travel anytime throughout 2008. Up to 9 people may travel in the car.

Go to Dover to Calais ferry offer with P&O Ferries to book TODAY.

Visit EuroTravel the one-stop site for travel to and within Europe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Diesel Price Falls in Belgium

I saw diesel today at Jet in Hasselt on offer for 1,041 € compared to 1,077 a few days ago and 1,18 in early November.

People complain when fuel prices rise so I thought I would show gratitude for a fall in the price.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Large Nursery Classes

The new year is a time when some nursery children attend school for the first time as "kleuters". The budget has risen from 5 to 15 million Euros but still some schools see unacceptably large class sizes. The aim is to split classes of 26 children or more but this is not always possible. An added burden for the teacher is that many of these children will still be wearing nappies so much of her time is taken up in accompanying children to the lavatory.

The rule used to be that eleven extra children gave more budget for extra teaching hours. That has been reduced to two new children and there are enough teachers looking for jobs. As usual it is just a question of funding.

The problem is always greatest in the spring term as some kleuters only attend during the colder months then stay at home from Easter onwards until they reach obligatory school attendance age.

Article in Het Belang van Limburg