Monday, April 20, 2009

Belgian Plastic Drinks Bottles are Worth 25c. in Holland

When I bought some Fanta Cassis bottles in a Dutch supermarket last week, I noticed that I had been charged 25 cents "statiegeld" per bottle ie recycling deposit. I told my son who asked whether we could take our bottles bought in Belgian supermarkets back to Dutch supermarkets and receive 25 cents per bottle. I told him that I doubted it as there must be a different barcode on products for sale in different countries.

Well I have just read on the online site of Het Belang van Limburg newspaper that indeed Belgians are taking their plastic empties back to Dutch shops and earning 25 cents on each bottle, particularly in the border towns of Luyksgestel, Budel, Stramproy, Weert and Stein. Apparently, the barcode readers cannot distinguish between bottles bought in Belgium or Holland. Some enterprising individuals are even collecting empties from the street, rubbish bins or neighbours, even advertising in the local paper.

The Dutch supermarkets have responded to say that they are looking out for any Belgians with large quantities of plastic bottles and will refuse the entire load. While some supermarkets consider this practice dishonest, Plus Daams in Budel-Schoot welcomes the Belgians as they realise that they will probably do some shopping in the store while they are there and, in any case, they are refunded by Stichting Retourverpakking.

Source: Het Belang Van Limburg - "Belgische petfles in Nederland 25 cent waard".

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blondineke of Bolderberg is 100 Years Old

Recently a woman in our village of Bolderberg turned 100 years old. To celebrate this achievement, her neighbours decorated the outside of her house and erected a poem about her life. They told us that she was married, had five children, was never sick and when she moved to her current house in 1959, there was no electricity.

I thought this was wonderful.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Where Can You Buy Food From Home in Belgium?

As part of Expatica's extensive Survival Guide to living and working in Belgium, here is their list of places where you can stock up on the tastes and smells of home.



Sun Wah Supermarket
Van Wesenbekestraat 16-18
03 226 04 59


Lange Kievitstraat 52
03 234 3535


Foreigner's Market
Oude Vaartplaats
Saturday 8am-4pm



Cosmopolis Press & Gifts
Drève Richelle 159
02 351 4803


Steenhofstraat 28
02 759 4979

Visit Stonemanor website


Kam Yuen
Rue de la Vierge Noire 2-4
1000 Brussels
02 512 5833


Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe
Avenue Louis Lepoutre 6
1050 Brussels
02 346 1759

Oliviers & Co
Rue au Beurre 28
02 502 7211

Boulevard de la Woluwe 28
02 771 2060


Jack O'Shea's
Rue le Titien 30
02 732 5351


Casa Italia
Rue Archimède 39
02 733 4070

Italian Autentica (3 shops)

257 chaussée de Ruisbroek
1620 Drogenbos
+32 (0)2 377 44 69

6 avenue de Wallonie
7100 La Louvière
+32 (0)64 22 48 15

507 chaussée de Louvain
1300 Wavre
+32 (0)10 88.89.50


chaussée de Vleurgat 119
1050 Brussels
02 648 5911

Yama Food
Chaussée de Charleroi 24-26
02 538 99 50


Midi Market
Around Gare du Midi
Sunday 8am-1pm


Branches of IKEA

Chaussée de Tervuren 138
02 351 1275


ABC Poisonnerie
Rue Ste. Catherine 46
02 512 7547

Economato Marisol
Place de la Constitution 23
02 521 4736

España Calidade
Avenue de la Porte de Hal 63
02 537 2387

Source: Expatica

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Does Hypnosis Really Work?

The therapeutic use of hypnosis has been recognised in the USA for over fifty years as an effective form of working with the powerful unconscious mind to overcome many unwanted habits, addictions, phobias etc. in a relaxing and quick way.

I think every town in the UK has at least one hypnotherapist and they can even register with BUPA so that those with private health insurance can claim a refund of the therapist's fee.

But few people in Belgium seems to know about hypnotherapy. Sometimes they have seen a stage hypnotist working in entertainment and think that has something to do with it. Many people also tell me it doesn't work. Really?

I have been a therapist in private practice for many years helping clients with the basics like stopping smoking, weight loss, increased self-confidence and self-esteem. I have also helped people overcome fears and phobias, stage fright, exam nerves, bed wetting, nail biting, blushing, improve their golf and several stress-related health problems.

Also the second most important fear after death - public speaking.

I even have a Flemish neurologist attending for therapy so that he can experience it firsthand and thus recommend it to his patients.

Where appropriate I use regression, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Eriksonian and Clinical Hypnosis.

I coach some clients using various techniques to achieve prosperity, improved business or social skills.

Does it work? Most people respond very well but they must take responsibility for their own results. I am not a magician. I am a coach, a guide into the power of the unconscious mind where all change occurs.

I now offer private therapy or coaching sessions in three locations in Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp and Limburg.

Antonia Harrison
0497 550813

PS Most smokers stop smoking at the first session.

Expatica Networking Event in Brussels

This is an opportunity to get together, share experiences, flirt, have fun and build up your networks - whilst enjoying a drink and some tapas. An added bonus is that this event takes place inside the majestic buildings of the Autoworld Museum at Cinquantenaire.

Do come along, bring a friend and enjoy a fun evening with Expatica’s community. The event will be hosted by Chalks, Expatica’s local representative in Brussels.

Reservation is mandatory as the event is limited to 50 places.

Date & Time:
Thursday, 23 April - 19h30 to 21h00

Espace53 (Autoworld)
11 Parc du Cinquantenaire
1000 Brussels

Tickets are EUR 10 per person, payable in advance; this covers two drinks and the tapas-style snacks.

To register and make payment, please go to: Registering is simple: once you confirm participation, you will be presented with a secure service to make your payment.

For more information please contact Chalks:
GSM: 0478.482023

Small print:

Please arrive on time, as the inclusive element of this event ends at 21h00.
Should you require a receipt for your payment, do ask on arrival at the event.
Funds will be returned for cancellations up to 48 hours in advance of the event.
The venue will close at midnight and a cash bar is available after 21h00.
Dancing, laughing and flirting will be encouraged.
Autoworld has fantastic parking and public transport connections.
All questions about this event should be directed to Chalks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

70 Photo Prints for just 4,95 € (including postage)

If you want to print off some of your digital photos, Snapfish have a great offer:

* New clients receive 70 prints inclusive of postage costs for just 4,95 €.

* Existing clients receive 50 prints inclusive of postage costs for the same rate.

Go to the Snapfish site and use promo code: 70AFF0409

70 afdrukken inclusief verzendkosten voor € 4,95

Offer valid until 7 May 2009.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Heusden-Zolder File or Fille?

The difference between "file" and "fille" is just one "l" but the meaning changes from traffic jam "file-Dutch" to girl "fille-French".

Apparently the Heusden-Zolder police wanted to warn of a possible traffic jam...