Monday, January 31, 2011

Register for the DVV Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon

Only 12 weeks to go before the start of Flanders' biggest running event! Be sure to join on Sunday 17 April to find out why Antwerp is the running capital of Belgium. In 2010, more than 26,000 runners competed in the different races.

9.30am: DVV Antwerp Marathon
1.00pm: Chiquita Kids Run 1 km (6-12 years old)
1.30pm: DVV Antwerp Short Run 5 km
2.30pm: ASICS Ladies Run 5 km
3.30pm: DVV Antwerp 10 Miles

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10 reasons to choose Antwerp as your spring marathon!
Still deciding which marathon to run in the Spring? Go for the DVV Antwerp Marathon:

1. New, fast and flat course. Measured by the IAAF.
2. Pacemakers for every level: 2.59hrs, 3.15hrs, 3.30hrs, 3.45hrs, 3.59hrs, 4.15hrs and 4.30hrs.
3. Slower runners are also welcome. The time limit is 6 hours.
4. Refreshment stations every 2.5 km (!)
5. Beautiful finish in Antwerp's wonderful Grand Place.
6. Comfortable and sufficient shower capacity, exclusive for marathon runners.
7. Qualitative SportFit T-shirt and beautiful finisher medal for each participant.
8. Only major Runners Expo in Belgium (900 m²) on 23, 24 and 25 April.
9. A free Bolleke De Koninck (Belgian special beer) after the race.
10. According to the international travel guide Lonely Planet Antwerp is one of the most interesting cities in the world. You have 42.195 km to discover it.

Are you already planning your autumn marathon?
Then don't miss the Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon on Sunday 2 October. A fabulous course, refreshment stations every 2.5 km, and the most beautiful finish in the world: the Grand'Place (Market Square).

Still not sure? Read what Katharina Rosenkranz, a 2010 participant, had to say about the experience: "It was a great race today, most of all thanks to the fantastic organization of the event. Everything was perfect from registration to the finish line. Thanks for the water and drinks, the covers to keep us warm at the finish line...and the medal. You have done a great job and made a fantastic race possible."

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Visit Living in Belgium for information on what's on in Belgium and interesting items about life in this quirky country.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

TedXFlanders in Antwerp on 10 February 2011

I love hearing people share their ideas, creativity, research and basically enlarging our horizons. The best way is to hear speeches at TED conferences.

You can view speeches anytime at

Here in Belgium we have TedXFlanders, an unofficial TED event which will be held in Antwerp on Thursday 10 February at 20u venue: De Kleine Hedonist, St Jacobsmarkt 34. Free entrance. Usually TED speeches are in English.

This will be a "salon" event to create a pleasant, informal atmosphere allowing more interactivity. The theme is "Time".

Op 10 feburari 2011 zal het eerste TEDxFlanders Salon een feit zijn. TEDxFlanders Salon is voor een kleine groep van TED-fans die samen een boeiend onderwerp gaan exploreren. Dit TEDx Salon zal gebeuren in een gezellige, informele sfeer waardoor er meer interactiviteit mogelijk is dan tijdens de grote TEDx events. Deze salon-edities vinden diverse keren per jaar plaats zodat er ook een echte TEDx gemeenschap kan groeien. Qua flow van de avond is er een korte kadering van het onderwerp en kijken we samen naar een of twee relevant TED-talks. Vervolgens gaan we samen - onder begeleiding van een facilitator - het onderwerp exploreren vertrekkende vanuit een aantal stellingen van de TED-talks aangevuld met eigen ideeen, stellingen, meningen en inzichten. We starten om 20u00 en eindigen rond 21u30 met het TEDx Salon waarna er nog gelegenheid is om na te praten voor de liefhebbers.

Op 10 februari 2010 starten we met het thema 'Tijd'. We laten ons inspireren door een van de TED talks die ons laten zien dat er verschillende vormen van tijd bestaan. Vervolgens gaan we na hoe wij zelf tijd ervaren in deze toch wel kloktijd-gedreven maatschappij. Vragen zoals 'Bestaan er nog andere soorten van tijd?', 'Kunnen we de tijd vertragen en versnellen?' en 'Hoe kunnen we wat vaker in het hier en nu leven?' kunnen denkrichtingen zijn die op het TEDxFlanders Salon aan bod kunnen komen. De begeleiding is in handen van TED-fans Dette Van Zeeland en Cyriel Kortleven.

Source: TedXFlanders

Friday, January 28, 2011

Attitude - Fun for 40 somethings in Brussels

Attitude - our monthly get together for fun -
Friday, February 4, 2011 6:30 PM
The Beer Factory - place du Luxembourg 6 Brussel

A community of people heading towards 40 or have passed 40, looking for life to be less arduous and more delightful. Our social networking involves interesting spaces, good food and drinks, opportunities to dance and the ability to meet new people, and have lots of fun.

We offer an informal get-together, so that you can pop in and out as it suits you. Come and enjoy the vibrant multicultural atmosphere of place du Luxembourg.


The Beer Factory (Brasserie)
Place du Luxembourg 6
1050 Brussels

For more information your host will be Chalks Corriette, do contact him.
Chalks Corriette
Tel: 02.613.2703
Fax: 02.613.2702
Cell: 0478.48.20.23
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Belgium's Future in the Fog as Coalition Talks Collapse

Belgium headed for the disreputable record of being the world's country longest without a government on Thursday as a fresh bid to bridge the gulf between the Dutch-speaking north and French south collapsed.

Trapped in its longest political crisis in history, the home of the European Union and NATO woke up to uncertainty after a palace-appointed mediator said efforts to end a deadlock between the two language communities were at a point of no return.

Johan Vande Lanotte, the latest political go-between appointed by King Albert II in Belgium's seven-month crisis, announced late Wednesday he was throwing in the towel as "there's no real perspective of progress."

"I informed the king it was impossible to break this impasse," he said. "I asked to be discharged."

Vande Lanotte, a Flemish socialist who tried for three months to bring the two sides together on a platform to transfer federal powers to the regions, said the king would start new consultations to find a way forward Thursday.

Belgium has been rudderless for more than seven months, holding Europe's record since January as the nation longest without government. Iraq currently holds the world title at over nine months in 2009.

Though a figurehead sovereign, Albert II has named a succession of go-betweens since June 13 elections failed to produce an outright winner -- but none have made headway in efforts to hammer out a coalition government deal.

A caretaker government is in charge of daily business, but as the impasse draws out fears are mounting of a break-up of the country of 11 million.

The crisis is also damaging Belgium's economic outlook, with ratings agencies warning of a downgrade in the absence of a stable government, a prospect that risks dragging the country into the rumbling eurozone crisis.

Belgians have voiced mounting impatience with the politicians as the crisis drags on. Callers shouted their anger on national radio Thursday after Vande Lanotte quit, accusing the country's leaders of being incapable of compromise.

"The End!" the French daily Le Soir said on its front page. "No Compromise, No Country."

The Dutch daily De Morgen titled its edition "Shame," recalling a march under that title organised through Facebook last weekend by 34,000 angry citizens, saying "What do we want? We want a government."

Belgium's political world, said an editorial in Le Soir, "is like a runaway train ignorant of the rest of the world... blind, arrogant, with no interest in the common good."

Among the options left for the king after several envoys have returned empty-handed are to call fresh elections or widen out the talks to other political parties. Seven parties from both sides of Belgium's language divide have been involved in the long talks aimed at agreeing a deal to reform Belgium's federal system.

Flemish separatists emerged the leading party in the June election, with the Dutch-speakers -- who represent 60 percent across Belgium -- demanding more autonomy for their region, notably in fiscal and social policy. But the French-speaking south fears a loss of subsidies for their once wealthy region as well as the start of the break-up of the country.

The current talks were based on a proposal by Vande Lanotte to increase devolution to the country's three regions -- Flanders, Wallonia and bilingual Brussels -- in line with demands by the powerful independence-minded N-VA. The party, representing the wealthier 6.2 million Dutch speakers of Flanders, complains of footing the national bill for the 4.5 million francophones living in the rust belt of Wallonia.

NV-A chief Bart De Wever recently dubbed Belgium a failed state with no future, saying pouring money into Wallonia was "an injection like a drug for a junkie."

Also at the centre of the conflict between Flanders and Wallonia is the fate of the capital, a largely French-speaking city of one million people, with road signs in both languages, located in Flanders.

Source: Expatica