Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Set Up Your Own Money Earning Blog Course in Brussels

People have blogs on a variety of subjects but did you know that some people are successfully earning money from their blogs, even thousands of Euros per month?

There is even a name for it: Bum Marketing. Literally, sit on your "bum" and make money while you sleep. You can be earning 100 Euros per day within a very short period.

I will teach you how to set up your own blog and monetise it.

1. How to set up a blog free of charge on the blog provider's server.
2. How to set up a blog but host it on your own server.
3. How to find design templates to suit your theme.
4. How to find affiliate products and services to "sell" on your blog. Affiliate marketing is big business.
5. How to "ping" your blog so that people can find it quickly and come to visit.
6. How to find free or very cheap articles to provide fresh content to your blog.
7. How to use the RSS feed Chicklet creator to promote your blog on your Ecademy profile, website or wherever.
8. How to set up an auto-responder so that people subscribe to read your blog. This builds your mailing list which can increase your earnings.
9. How to use social bookmarking to promote your blog.
10. How to use free traffic exchanges to promote your blog.
11. How to create free traffic to your blog.
12. How to use PPC with Google Adwords to bring traffic to your blog and receive a free US$ 50 voucher to get you started.
13. How to use Google Adsense on your site to earn an average of US$ 1,000 per month.
14. How to post videos on your site.
...and lots more.

This will be a full day of information and at the end you will have your own blog, in fact your own business.

Bring your own laptop and just follow my on-screen instructions. Ask as many questions as you want.

Tell me the subject of your blog and, if available, I will bring you a set of free articles to use as content on your blog. This will kick-start your blog, meaning that people will visit, subscribe as readers and hopefully start you earning money.

I am an English internet marketer. I have been active on the internet for two years with various sites and blogs. I have found out the hard - and expensive - way, what works and what doesn't. Come and learn from me. You will quickly have a money-making blog. Or two, three, four ....

Date: Friday 26 June
Venue: Avenue Louise, Brussels

Antonia Harrison
Earn Money From Your Computer
Affiliate Marketing Success Online

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scouts Trappers Bolderberg are 30 Years Old

Scouts Trappers Bolderberg are celebrating 30 years of scouts in the village on Saturday 16 May.

Events kick-off at 12.30 with an afternoon activity. From 5pm the doors open for a concert´by a 50-piece band, evening buffet meal of Paella, Nasi Goreng, Bami Goreng and vegetarian then at 8pm there will be a campfire. The meal costs 10€ for adults, 8 € for children. Book your meal here.

The Trappers even have their own Trappist beer called Trapperpist, a 9º beer.

"Trapperpists zijn meestal blond of lichtamber van kleur. De Trapperpist is een feestbier, hoppig en vol van smaak, zacht in de mond, met een uitstekende zoet-bitter balans, een aangename geur en een mooie schuimkraag. En tenslotte een lange nasmaak om ten volle van na te genieten.

Trapperpist is geen schrijffout, het is een woordspeling tussen Trappers en Trappist. Trappers is uiteraard onze groepsnaam en een 'tripel' betekent dat de brouwer driemaal zoveel malt in de brouwketel gebruikt als voor een gewoon bier. Vroeger was een Tripel voorbehouden voor de Bisschop of voor Vader Abt. En die wisten wel wat goed was, reken maar.

De Trapperpist is een bier om van te genieten als dessert, of als aperitief."

The Trapperpist will be in limited supply and only available in Bolderberg.

Full info on

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Business Cards and Photo Products

For printing all of your promotional items, I recommend VistaPrint.

In the UK they currently have a promotion:

This is a great offer on business cards:

Visit VistaPrint for:
Caps - pens - Tshirts - calendars - sticky note holders - ink pads - envelopes
presentation folders - posters - photo magnets - postcards - return address labels

Products are also available in Belgium but offers may vary.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Female Networking Group in Belgium

I have just joined Female Factor , a Dutch speaking group for women in Belgium and Holland.

There are seven sub-sections on the site:
- Mommy Dear
- Miss Feel Good
- Passionate Lover
- Style Diva
- Urban Cowgirl
- Business Lady
- Spiritual Goddess
I can resonate with each of those descriptions but then us women are so multi-faceted!

The site says:
Netwerk voor de 360 graden vrouw
"Een vrouw met diverse talenten, ambities en passies. Een vrouw die moeder, kunstenares, collega en vriendin tegelijk is. FemaleFactor gelooft in de kracht van vrouwen en laat vrouwen geloven in hun kracht. Daarom creeëren we ruimte voor ontmoeting, tijdens netwerklunches, Club events, inspiratiesessies en natuurlijk de community-website. Ruimte waar vrouwen elkaar kunnen inspireren: de eigen ambities en talenten ontdekken, dit delen met anderen, vervolgens omzetten in actie en genieten van de resultaten. Dit alles op een innovatieve manier; open, betrokken en met een knipoog."

Membership is free and there is lots of interesting and useful information on the website.

I have registered for a networking lunch (sandwiches so not expensive) to be held at Antwerp Zoo on 14 May. There are also meetings coming up in several Dutch locations plus workshops.

Sounds great to me.

Visit Living in Belgium for information on what's on, where to go, photos and useful tips for making life in Belgium more interesting.