Thursday, April 10, 2008

Online Back-up Service for Your Computer

Online backup: carefree and easy
Backing up important digital data is an essential task for every organization. Conventional backups on tape or disk, however, have a number of significant shortcomings. Storage media, for example, have to be replaced daily and need to be stored off-site, tapes are error sensitive and retrieval is generally labour-intensive and time-consuming. What's more, tape backups frequently fail, which means stringent monitoring is also necessary.

Backup-Connect's online backup has a number of major advantages in comparison to these standard backup systems. Every day your data are automatically backed up and stored instantly and securely away from your premises, safe from fire and theft. But most important of all, online backup takes away the worry. Online backup is a carefree and easy solution to all your backup needs.

Betrouwbare backup? De online backup van Backup-Connect.

With Backup-Connect you will always have a backup
Inefficient, time-consuming and insecure backup processes belong in the past. Backup-Connect's online backup, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier. Your data are encrypted and compressed every day and sent via the Internet to a maximum security Internet Exchange data centre. Based on state-of-the-art encryption and compression technology, online backup is both fast and secure. If necessary, it also enables the rapid retrieval of files and directories. Backup-Connect updates the backup history for you, allowing you to select which backup is to be retrieved yourself, whether it be yesterday's, last week's or from 60 days ago.

The best choice
Backup-Connect is among the world's biggest online backup service providers. Our online backup service is a more than worthy replacement for traditional backup systems. Backup-Connect has been declared the best-tested online backup provider in several countries, coming out top on quality and offering the greatest number options at the sharpest price.

About Backup-Connect
Backup-Connect is a Dutch supplier of complete online backup services in which the emphasis is on security and reliability. For its services the company uses the KPN data centre and powerful software in the form of Online Backup Manager. In addition Backup-Connect manages the entire backup chain itself. The services provided by the company are laid down in clear Service Level Agreements. Backup-Connect operates in 16 countries.
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