Monday, September 15, 2008

Eurostar Service Restored

I am sitting on the wooden floor in London St Pancras waiting for the Eurostar to take me back to Brussels. There was a fire in the tunnel a few days ago whilst I was in London so I wondered what I would do if service was not restored. The last time I looked at flights between London and Brussels, they were quite expensive and it is such a hassle travelling to and from the airports.

Also, my annual travel insurance policy expired last week and I had not renewed which means that if I had to find alternative travel, I would be paying!

Fortunately, Eurostar service was restored on Sunday morning although there is a restricted service and trains are running more slowly. This means that my departure is 28 minutes later and the journey time will be 2 hours 19 minutes instead of 1 hour 51. Oh well, at least I can go home today.

Meanwhile, they are advising passengers to check in early so the whole waiting area is full. There are no seats left but at least I am delighted to find that FREE WiFi is available. I plugged my electricity lead into a socket and here I am, sitting on the floor.

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