Monday, December 15, 2008

De Roosen Stones and Crystals Museum

De Roosen in Neerpelt, Limburg is a stones and crystals museum run by an enthusiastic pensioner and his family. They have spent every holiday looking for stones and crystals which they now proudly display and share with visitors. They give informative talks which children can understand. People have brought sand samples from all over the world.

De Roosen is open on the last Sunday afternoon of each month from 13.30 to 16.30. Entrance is free and each visitor may take one free crystal in a bag with description, plus find free crystals outside on the ground or by rummaging in sandboxes. You can also pan for "fool's gold". Don't miss the "fluorescent" room.

My young boys insist on going every month and now their friends are coming along too. They cannot wait to show their classmates their new acquisitions on the Monday morning.

There is a well-stocked shop with prices from a few cents up to hundreds of euros.

There is also a café with a drink and cake costing 1 Euro together.

The bad news is that De Roosen is going to close to visitors on 30 May 2009. From January until May there will be an increasing scale of discount given on all purchases.

De Roosen will stay open for class and group visits which can be arranged on 011/64 28 95. The address is De Roosen 64, 3910 Neerpelt.

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