Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John Cleese Pays 3,800 Euros for Taxi to Brussels

The British comedian John Cleese decided to take a taxi from the Norwegian capital Oslo to Brussels in order to avoid the flight ban affecting large parts of Europe.
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Cleese then decided to make the final part of his journey via the Channel Tunnel and take the Eurostar from Brussels to St Pancras.

It set him back a pretty penny. Cleese paid 3,800 euros for the long taxi trip. Three drivers took turns to drive the taxi all the way from Norway to Belgium.

Cleese managed to get hold of a ticket for a Eurostar service for Saturday before they sold out.

Norwegian TV did seek alternatives to the long taxi trip, but all ferry services and trains were fully booked.

During the journey Cleese was apparently repeatedly reminded of the joke 'How do you make God to laugh?'

Answer: By telling him about your plans.


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