Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amazon Offer Free Delivery to Belgium

Fantastic news. I always order my books, CDs, DVDs, toys and electrical items from Amazon. They have the best selection and usually offer discounted prices. Of course, VAT in the UK is 17.5% compared to 21.0% in Belgium so there is bound to be a difference. Delivery is usually quick and now DELIVERY IS FREE.

There are certain Terms and Conditions for Super Saver Delivery (eligible European destinations):

* Applies only to orders completed on or after 9th October 2010 with £25 or more of eligible products (including VAT at the European destination rate), at

* The following products are not eligible for free Super Saver Delivery gift certificates, certain large electrical items (where so stated on the information page for the relevant product) and products purchased from third party merchants using Marketplace.

* Applies only to orders that are to be delivered to a single delivery address in the eligible European country.

* Applies only to orders that you have selected to "Dispatch when entire order is ready".

* Does not apply to purchases made on,,,, or

* May be used in conjunction with a promotional certificate. To qualify for free Super Saver Delivery, the total amount of the products purchased before the promotional certificate is applied must be £25 or more.

Amazon always offer great suggestions of items you might not know about. For example, they sent me some ideas for fun family board games.

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