Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gueuze - Belgian "Champagne"

Actually, Gueuze is a Belgian beer but with a slight fizz and a popping cork, it is often called Belgian Champagne. I enjoy it so much (and so often) that I have dedicated a website to Gueuze:

Click here to visit Gueuze

Whilst looking for more links on Gueuze, I found a website on "Beer and Health" which included an article on Alcohol and cancer,
"For a number of cancers, the risks possibly does increase with moderate drinking. More research is needed to clarify matters here. Up until now most information has been collected on breast cancer, where there is a slightly increased risk for moderate to heavy drinkers.

The influence of alcohol, and beer in particular, on the occurrence of cancer has not been widely researched up until now. Certain trends can indeed be noted. Some studies point to a high alcohol consumption mainly increasing the risk of gastrointestinal tract cancers.

More recent research into other components (ie. not alcohol), including the phyto-oestrogens in beer, point in the direction of a protective effect."


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