Monday, January 12, 2009

Claim for Unfair Bank Charges in the UK

If you are a Brit or took out any financial product in Britain, you have probably heard about people claiming for unfair bank charges, credit card charges mis-sold policies and unfair mortgage fees. These have been the subject of much media debate due to a High Court case which recently went in the Consumers’ favour. It is estimated that consumers are owed circa £12 billion in such charges going back six years with an average claim of £2000. Anyone can apply and when you visit the site, you can apply for refunds on various products. It is all on a "No Win, No Fee" basis.

Visit Claims Financial here.

You simply submit your contact details so that Claims Financial can send you a claim form. You tell them how many claims you intend to make ie how many bank accounts, how many credit cards, mortgage exit penalty or arrears fees and if claiming on any mis-sold polies. They will then send you the relevant form(s) to complete.

A few months from now you could be receiving a most welcome cheque for each claim. Seems worth a little paperwork to me.

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