Monday, January 12, 2009

Mijnterril Walk above Limburg Coalmines

We joined the badminton club for a walk up a "mijnterril" in Koersel, Beringen, Limburg. These mijnterril hills were formed from the earth removed from the coal mines which were a thriving industry in Limburg until the early 1990s when the mines were closed. The Genk mine has been turned into a Euroscoop cinema with bars and restaurants. The Heusden-Zolder mine is in dis-use but the adjacent building is used for advice on sustainable energy along with some other organizations.

Here is some of the group at the start of the walk before we started climbing:

One of the gentle slopes walking up:

As we walked up, some scouts had fun sledging down:

Only scouts go out in sub-zero temperatures wearing shorts and socks around their ankles!

There is a fantastic view from the top over the local houses and towards another mijnterril:

Here are my boys at the top...:

...and the mine behind them:

Of course, we had to drink a borrel or two of Jenever, the local speciality from Hasselt. There was a choice of several flavours:

Here is my Appel Jenever keeping cool:

Finally, a beautiful sunset on the way home:

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