Thursday, February 26, 2009

Elephant Fans Tune Into Belgian On-line Birth

Surfers logging on to can already watch the baby's kicks.

Thousands of elephant fans have registered on an on-line site promising live footage of the first birth of an elephant in Belgium. Surfers logging on can already watch the baby's kicks inside the belly of its mother, Phyo Phyo, an Asian elephant at the Antwerp zoo.

Zoo caretakers are also offering daily updates on Phyo Phyo's pregnancy to the site's 18,000 subscribers - who will receive an SMS message 48 hours ahead of the expected delivery.

Those interested in elephant trivia can also learn about the animal's legendary memory, the weight of a newborn (between 80 to 120 kilos or 176 to 265 pounds) or the time it takes for an elephant to learn how to use its trunk (six months).

Antwerp's mayor has promised to inscribe the calf's name on the city's official birth registrar.

Source: AFP/Expatica

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Earl John said...

this is great! i love to witness a birth of an elephant and I'm interested to know the more about them. thanks for sharing this post. More power to you mate!