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ING Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon April 2009

Newsletter ING Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon
Sunday 26 April 2009

To increase your running comfort during the 10 Miles....

In 2008, 15,000 runners took part in the 10 Miles. To increase the comfort during the run, some changes have been made for 2009:

- "hourglass start": the wide starting strip right in front of the starting line is being made more narrow. This 'hourglass start' will reduce the density on the course and create more room for runners.
- starting position based on estimated finishing time: the start will be sub-divided into different time zones. Runners will be asked to voluntarily start from the zone designated for their estimated finishing times.
- modified course: the part of the course through downtown is being changed to make it possible to get through it more smoothly. The new course layout will be available soon on the website.
- results based on net time: From 2009 on, results will be calculated based on net time. That means that it will no longer be necessary to push through or to stand at the front.

Time limit for the ING Antwerp Marathon extended to 6 hours

From 2009 on, the time limit for the ING Antwerp Marathon will be six hours. It had been five hours in previous years. In conjunction with the City of Antwerp, the organisers are making this change to make the marathon more accessible to more people, and to make it possible for 10 Miles runners to move up to the marathon distance. The 2,000 runner who took part in the ING Antwerp Marathon in 2008 made it the largest marathon in the country.

Slight time-shift in the programme

With the time limit of the marathon being extended to six hours, the start of the marathon is being moved up by half an hour and the start for the 10 Miles is being moved back, also by half an hour.

9.30 a.m.: ING Antwerp Marathon & Relay marathon
1.15 p.m.: Chiquita Kids Run 1 km (6 to 12 years old)
1.30 p.m.: ING Antwerp Short Run 5 km
2.30 p.m.: ASICS Ladies Run 5 km
3.30 p.m.: ING Antwerp 10 Miles

Online registrations are open

You can already sign up for all events of the 10 Miles & Marathon 2009 (except for the relay marathon) now at

Companies, groups and clubs can also download the group registration form from the website. Just like last year, there is a companies' class for the 10 Miles. Will Total be able to retain its title as the fastest company in Antwerp?

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